[GH HyperFormula #1058] Named Expression is not working!

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We are using named expression for formula.

When using formula “=A9IOP + AITYU”, It is not working.

When Name contains any number, formula is not working.

Is there any solution for this without changing the original name?

Thank you.

Thank you for reporting @jubilee.mohamed

I will check that and get back to you as soon as possible.

Sure. Thank you @aleksandra_budnik

Hi @jubilee.mohamed

I’ve contacted our Hyperformula developer, and this issue is reported at https://github.com/handsontable/hyperformula/issues/1058. I got a confirmation that the issue got a higher priority, so I will update you as soon as we fix it and merge changes to Handsontable.

Till that time (is possible) we recommend adding underscore before the number, like here https://jsfiddle.net/h93ak8pL/

Till fix I will use by adding underscore before the number. Thank you for your update @aleksandra_budnik.