Global Filter/Search

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Currently Handsontable PRO has column level filters available, however there does not seem to be a global filter/search option that filters the data by every column of every record instead of targeting a specific column.

Are there any plans of implementing such a feature into the library or is this something that should be developed on a “as needed” basis?

Here is an old example of this type of global filter in a previous version of HOT

While it is not difficult to develop this feature using the search plugin and using loadData(), a nuisance that is encountered includes persisting the data. (Keeping all of the data in sync with any changes made to the filter result)

Such a feature could serve very useful for anyone who is using Handsontable with thousands of records that could be altered based upon a specific criteria.

Please disregard this post. With the help of a search input and the HiddenRows plugin this feature can be easily developed.
P.S. There are spelling mistakes in the HiddenRows plugin example that prevent it from working out of the box.

Hi @mkanevsky could you guide me where you spotted those spelling mistakes?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @mkanevsky I would appreciate any feedback