Handle Adding a Row While Paging

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In my app, a user can start on page 3 of the grid and each page has 500 rows. On page 3, the row headers display 1001-1500. I created a button to add a row and when I call the alter method to insert_row, the newly created row has a row header of “501” because it’s technically the 501st row in the array. However, since I’m on page 3, I want the newly added row header to say “1501”.

From the documentation, I can’t find a method to alter a row header for a row.

Instead of using the alter method, I tried to add another value into my rowHeader array and a new row of blank values into my data array, then force a rerender. This didn’t work.

How do I control the rowHeader value of a newly created row from the alter('insert_row') method?

Also, my project is currently stuck on v8 of the library.


Hi @josephrlagasse

Thank you for contacting us. I think what be useful in your situation is afterGetRowHeader hook, that allows you to modify the row header.