Handsontable cell type header handles throw an error

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  • make a Handsontable with a handsontable cell type
  • put data in your two Handsontables and load them
  • click on the handsontable cell arrow to open the nested Handsontable
  • hover the nested Handsontable header handles

Expected behavior:

  • cursor is col-resize
  • resizing is possible

Current behavior:

  • cursor is the default one
  • resizing is not possible
  • errors are thrown in the console:

The provided element is not a child of the top overlay

Uncaught TypeError: can’t access property “left”, relativeHeaderPosition is undefined
setupHandlePosition manualColumnResize.mjs:336
onMouseOver manualColumnResize.mjs:457
bindEvents manualColumnResize.mjs:648
callbackProxy eventManager.mjs:63

Hi @LucileDT

Thank you, but all of the issues should be reported on our GitHub. It would be great if you could move it here :slight_smile: