Handsontable Not Drawing Correctly

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Hi, we have been building our application with handsontable. We are using the non-commercial at this point since we have not released it yet.

We are seeing lots of issues with the table not refreshing properly, especially when we embed it in a Material Dialog. We also do a lot of dimming and undimming of buttons depending when criteria are met in the handsontable. Those events don’t seem to emit properly. I have attached a video here to show the behavior. Any suggestions you have or could recommend would be greatly appreciated.

Movie of Table not Refresing


Hi @scubagrant60

Can you check if using instance.render() on 0:22 and 0:27 (opening window) makes the table load as expected?

The 0:06 issue doesn’t tell me much. By ‘dimmed button’ do you mean that ‘area highlight’ className that is added?

Thanks for responding:

Regarding: The 0:06 issue doesn’t tell me much.

Sorry, I meant that any time a row is checked in the handsontable, the function ‘UndimButton’ is called and the visibility state of the button should be set to true but it is not working. That is called from the hook: ‘afterSelectionEnd’. But if I try typing a name in a cell that will recall that same routine and highlight the button. Note that the logic to dim or undim the button is based on if one row is selected. Something about ‘typing in a cell’ vs ‘afterSelectionEnd’ forces the UI to redraw properly. :thinking:

I tried putting in render() in the instance of the handsontable and, unfortunately, it did not make a difference. I tried putting it in ‘ngAfterViewInit’ and also after the data is added to the table.

I began the process of trying to make a plunker but that was taking too long to get it working and I gave up.

Any other thoughts you/your team has I would try.



Could you send me the part of the code where you use afterSelectionEnd and function for UndimButton?

Hi @scubagrant60

do we have any updates here?

I guess that we can close this topic as there’s no reply for more than a week.