Help with HyperFormula custom formulas

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I’m starting to create custom formulas and I’m kind of confused with how to get the values.

By now I have this simple code:

min(ast, state) {
  console.log(ast, state);

Being called like this:

=MIN(1,2,A1:A6, A:A)

Which outputs that:

My question is: How do I get the value of those ranges? I looked at HyperFormula documentation, but there’s only a sample that doesn’t use the incoming parameters

Hi @nathalia.pissuti
A detailed guide to custom functions is in our plans in the upcoming months. At the moment, I can suggest it is to ask about formulae’s evaluation and evaluation’s order at HyperFormula’s discussions on Github.
Of course, there is an alternative, as I mentioned in your other thread. You can ask our sales team at about available consulting services for HyperFormula.

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