Hight of Header

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How can I fix the Hight of Header? I have dynamic columns with headers. If header is long, the hight of all headers is changed.

Hi @tanyasofy

We don’t have option to change the column headers height. Can you show what the issue looks like visually?

I have fixedColumnsLeft and wenn i move the table, than i get this problem

Thank you. I tried to recreate this behavior, but I can’t. Can you please modify this example so it represents the issue you are experiencing?


Unfortunately i can’t represent. But I can display, what I have. Why are all words in header wrapped and not hidden?

It’s hard to tell without seeing your implementation. Without seeing the code there’s not much I can propose or advice.

Hi @tanyasofy

I need to close this ticket. It has been hanging on the forum for too long without any updates.

Please send your implementation details to support@handsontable.com