How to calculate formula inside handsontable

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Im using handsontable with angular and hyperformula, is there any chance to paste calculated formula directly in handsontable sourceData, after finish editing cell with formula?

Hi @nikoches

Thank you for contacting us. All of the calculations are done at the initialization of the table, so in this case I set them back to the source data with the logic provided below:

for (let i = 0; i < hot.countRows(); i++) {
  hot.setSourceDataAtCell(i, 0, hot.getDataAtRow(i)[0])

And here’s an example:

The example is created in Vanilla, but the logic would like basically the same for Angular where hot is a Handsontable instance.

Hi @nikoches

Can you give me an update here? Did my solution help you with the problem?

Hello! im very sorry, but for now i can’t give you feedback about your answer, becausee some other important stuff to do, but i will check this out as fast as i can, about 2-3 weeks.Thank you for quick answer!

Hi @nikoches

Don’t worry! Let me know once you have time.

Hello! thanks for you help, its works!

Hi @nikoches

Thank you for the update. I’m glad that it helped. I will close this topic now. If you would need help with anything else, feel free to open a new one.