How to change row's first cell content

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I need to add a row to my table. Something similar to this:

I’ve found an example of how to achieve this:

The issue is that I dont know how to change first cell’s content to “Total”, since it’s not a part of the new row.
Any easy way to do that?

Hi @ivan.tselobanov

is the ‘Total’ a name of a row header? If so, you can use afterGetRowHeader event of call rowHeaders as a function.

If you’d need a demo, feel free to let me know.

Thanks for the reply. But there’s another problem: Is there any way to add a row with cells formated diffrerent from the initial? As you can see on the example above, second and third columns has value type of date. But I need to render all the cells of the last row as text/numeric, so “alter” method wont do the work here. I know I can set content of columns manually, but what about rows?

You can use cells method to change the cell type. Here’s an example

You need to call alter() and update the cells to use a different type for the last row. Please let me know if that meets the goal.