How to change Title attribute CSS

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I have the Title attribute in a span, when I hover it displays the title, but I needed to change the title’s css, I’ve tried all ways but it doesn’t work.

I implemented this code and it didn’t work:
:host ::ng-deep #span-tooltip[title]:hover::after{
background-color: red !important;

Hi @sidney.silva

Can you please send us a code demo showing your issue?


<ng-template #colName let-value="value" let-td="td" let-row="row">
 <span id="span-tooltip"
{{ value }}

   {{ formatCell(td, nameContainer, row) }}


   formatCell(td: HTMLTableDataCellElement, span: HTMLSpanElement, row: number) {
if(span.innerHTML.length > 25){


:host ::ng-deep #span-tooltip[title]:hover::after{
 background-color: red !important;

Hi @sidney.silva

Generally, this question does not relate to the Handsontable API, more to general rules of HTML/CSS. However, if something works outside Handsontable and wouldn’t work when applied in the table that’s a case for us.

Here I found a similar topic on StackOverflow for styling title.

Hello @aleksandra_budnik
It’s working outside Handslontable, but when I use it inside handsontable it doesn’t work.

I even used this stackoverflow solution and it didn’t work in handsontable.

In my case it shows 2 titles, the default way and the new one


One one (yellow) is shown on the hover and default one is shown with a slight delay (as most of the title elements). Demo for tests

I’m closing this topic as there are no further questions.