How to detect empty cells on insert row and show a notification to fill it or have a validation

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I want to know if i can detect when a new row is inserted and it is left empty. I searched the forum but i could not find any code using angular7. Can you please help me.

Hey @bhavrao8

there’s an isEmptyRow ( Core method that will help you with that.
When it would be most convenient for you to check if the row is empty (on a button click, time interval, some user action)?

When we insert a row and the user doesn’t fill any data and clicks on save button, then i want a notification to say that there are empty fields or disable the save button. Is that possible?

Also, isEmptyRow when i tried, it is getting applied only on the last row. I want to check the whole table and detect empty rows if present in the middle also.

Here is an example

it’s in Vanilla but should work the same using Angular.