How to dynamically set height of table using flexbox?

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Hi again,

I am trying to make the handsontable fill the rest of the page that is not occupied, but instead its height is being set to the height of the window. Is there any way to make it fill it’s parent container without setting a constant px height anywhere?

Hi @eastmanmarcusc

do you mean something like this

yes, something like this but the problem is I am not sure how to set the style in React, even though it works great in the html version. This is because in React, if I don’t set a height attribute on the component, it gets automatically set to the height of the window.

EDIT: this is a better example of my problem

Those CSS settings are defined for elements outside the Handsontable instance, I cannot help you here. I don’t seem that Handsontable has any impact on that.