How to have thousand separator and no decimals at the same time

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I think it will be more easy to do like this :
Can you please told me how to use mantissa and thousand separator ?

For example :
Value : 1 234.36
What I need to show on my cells : 1 234

I know I have to use the mantissa attribute to have 0 decimal.
But if I need to have a thousant separator at the same time, the pattern will be ignored.

Can you help me to get this result please : 1 234.


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mantissa is a part of a floating-point number so if you’re generating a set of interegers and want to part each 4th digit with a space I would recommend a custom renderer.

Here is something that you can start with. It is not perfect as works for the same length numbers so you’d need to add some IFs and manipulate with regex to fit all scenarios.

Hey, I made this : JSFiddle.
I think it’s better :wink:

Have a nice day :smiley:

OK… I guess that I misunderstood the task…

But I’m happy that you found the way to get this done