How to hide the HandsontableCopyPaste textarea

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Our product uses many Handsontable grids, but none created by me.

Only one of the grids has an undesired textarea appear (textarea.HandsontableCopyPaste). I’ve tried doing a few web searches, as well as comparing new Handsontable options. I cannot seem to find the option that hides this textarea.The grid is “readOnly: true”, but when I select a cell, I can type in the textarea that I want to hide.

Can someone tell me which option(s) my grid is missing? Thanks.

Hi @jmate

This element (described with the following CSS is needed for the copyPaste functionality.

Does it block any of the operations or does it cover anything?

Hmmm. I now see the CSS opacity is zero, so it exists but should never show. Actually for us it is covering many things. I deleted a lot of context from my image before I posted.

I might assume that a developer altered the opacity of controls, which may have shown this one. I will comment back if there are further discoveries.

I am going to assume that is the cause of it. The dark background sets opacity to 50%, which may have instructed this dialog to be altered from 0 opacity.

You can close this question. Thanks.

I am happy to hear that the case is solved.

Thank you for the update. I am closing this thread.