How to keep the Editing state of a selected cell

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this is my code, i want to select other cells while the editing state of the original cell is still active.

I want to pass the value obtained in the selected cells and return it in the edit cell. i got the value but how can i pass it in without losing the editing state

help me have an advice or a solution for this problem.

Thank you so much for the reply

i use this code : "

hot.addHook('beforeKeyDown', (event) => {    
                        if (event.keyCode === 17) {
                            if (hot.getActiveEditor()) {
                            hot.getActiveEditor().cellProperties.allowInvalid = false;


" while press Ctrl, to enable Editting status, but it’s not working

Hi @vodoiovcbn9x

It’s not possible to have two active editors simultaneously.

i want my editor to still work in stock i select other cells. I am reading about custom BaseEditor to find a way to keep the Editor active and only end when pressing Enter ( clicking on other cells does not lead to the end of the Editor ) . but i don’t know which method to use and how to use it, too few cases and propperty when i search

Here’s similar topic: Keeping editor open while selecting

But as I my colleague also mentioned, we don’t have any examples showing such implementation.