How to rerender column in react?

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i am trying add values from column 1 and column 2 and displaying them in column 4 but until i do something in column 4 it wont render the addition of column 1 and column 2. so i am trying to figure out how to re render it

Hey @edmrepost33

I do not see any change hook (beforeChange / afterChange) attached and even when I edit all the cells nothing happens. Is that a correct demo?

just add values in green columns first and then add any random value in any cell in red column.
also i am like new in this library so can you help me with ( beforeChange / afterChange ) thing?

Maybe something like this

please check the screenshot to understand how that demo is working…
when i add values in green cells it should re render the value in red cell but its not re rendering until i add some value in red cell column just like i added 0.

Sorry, I see that my last demo hasn’t been saves correctly. Here’s a new demo

I removed columnSummary totally and packed the logic into afterChange hook. You just need to attach the proper logic for the red cell as I used SUM (you change line 50). You also need lines 28 and 32 to set up a numeric cell type.

thanks… let me check this one with in my project

the demo you have provided is working fine. thanks
just one more question
if i have multiple red cells where value depends on some other green cells then i have to use switch statement in afterChange or i can use array kinda login in here just like columnSummary?

You can type anything you want. You just need to check if you are blocking setDataAtCell from going into an infinite loop. You may want to attach source parameter just to be sure that it won’t crash.

The source is any string (example myOwnMethod) that you would use inside the IF statement that controls the setDataAtCell run.