How to reset handsontable

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I have used persistentState to store column resize, column reorder , sorting . How to reset to default the handsontable settings without reload the page

Hi @suman.dutta
You can use the persistentStateReset hook to clear local storage saved by Handsontable’s instance. Remember to use the id attribute on the Handsotnable container, as we mentioned in our guide for keeping data locally.
After clearing local storage you can “reset” plugins running updateSettings({ ... }) with the default options for those plugins. Alternatively, you can try to use getPlugin(< plugin name>).enablePlugin() to reset only those plugins that you wish.
Use the second option carefully. It might have some side effects on the table, and sometimes it is better to use the updateSettings option.

it is not working. any other way to restore the table

You can try to recreate IndexMapper’s and plugins definition like in the following example:

Hi @suman.dutta

how is the progress on this issue?

It worked. Thanks

Great! Thank you for the update.