How to retrive the dataset from local storage i use [persistentState]= "true" in Angular project need help

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i used [persistentState]= “true” in Angular project, but when i resize the column size it show me in localStorage but how to retrieve it.
get() don’t want to use these
but how in handsontable I have no idea
help me plz

Hi @hamzaakbar166,
If you would like to read columns’ width stored via persistentState in localStorage, you can use the plugin’s public method: ManualColumnResize.loadManualColumnWidths

Please look at the following demo:

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Thanks for the respond
actually, I resolved the issue,
which was that [hotId]=“id”
set it in typescript const id = “custome_id”

Hi @hamzaakbar166,
I’m glad you solved the problem. Due to the issue is solved, I close this thread.