How to search in a specific column

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I am fetching and populating data in handsontable from an API,
I have established a WebSocket connection and when any update happens in API I m getting this event through a webhook on my page.
now I want to search the ‘product_id’ field and update it with new data.
However, I m unable to find any help that how can I achieve this.
Thank you.

Hi @danish.ilyas786

Please tell me a bit more about the Handsontable structure and what is the ‘product_id’ field in your project?

Hi, I m converting API data into an associative array, key is the Handsontable header and values are in fact values .

Thank you for sharing the additional information.

Our search functionality presented here works for all the cells in the table. However, you can use other API methods to search within a single column. Here’s an example