How to set fixed width for all columns except one

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Hi, need help, I have handsontable with 10 columns, let’s say dates, prices and one column is description, so how to achieve this, all date and price columns have fixed width 40px but description must be min 400px and fill all empty space up to 100% of div, it must be only 400px if window size is smaller then sum of all column width. I want to achieve the same as stretcH: ‘last’ option, but the only problem is that my column is not last.

Hey @danielyanvahagn

have you tried the stretchH: ‘last’ option? It stretches the last column, which in your example is the description, right? Here’s an example

I need same but only problem is my description column is not last, its in middle of handsontable.

I’ll check it out and get back to you. The stretchH can only work for last or all columns.

Yeap i know, i wonder can we achieve that in middle column.

I am sorry but after some investigation I did not found any solution to make a middle column fluid.

Maybe add something like that??? stretch and col number or col number array to stretch multiple column based on other fixed columns.

That is a good idea. I’ll mention the subject once we get on planning new milestones.

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Thank you, that will be awesome. :slight_smile:

Any update on this one?

Hi @chrisjohnbelaos

We didn’t plan working on it yet. We did initial research and it turned it out it’s quite complicated matter, and currently we are focusing on other topics.

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