How to skip the prepopulating row number and get originally created row

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I need to get the newly created row , I used afterCreateRow function to find the value

Note: I enabled minsparerows:1, The result is showing along with prepopulating row number and I was not able to get the correct row item

Hi @vedaselvaraj27

As I assume, you add that row in some action (context menu, alter method, etc.). If so, you should be able to track the source of the change. What is an action that triggers the row alteration that you would like to track?

Hi @aleksandra_budnik

1.New row is created only by prepopulating row (minspacerows:1) , I locked contextmenu for adding row
2.While loading the data it is adding one row , after loading it is adding one row and if I see the totally added row count mismatches

I need to track the row which have only data not the empty row which is added as sparerow while loading

I am not sure if I understand. It seems that you do not want to have any empty rows in the table. But at the same time, you use minSpareRows with value 1?