How to use latest HandsOnTable with React

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I just want to ask how to use the latest HandsOnTable version with the current React wrapper? Coz the React wrapper for HOT is currently not using the latest version of HOT.

Should I just install the latest HOT and the React Wrapper for HOT would automatically detect that?


Hi @hugh

You have a two options at least.

You can install v8.0.0-beta.2 that is currently published to NPM -

Or you have to wait to we release our React wrapper updated. Here is a link to PR -

Hi @piotr.nowak,

So basically, I should install handsontable v8.0.0-beta.2 and also the React wrapper as well?

So even if the React wrapper is using v7, the handsontable will just take effect over it?


Yes, it uses Handsontable from your package.json.