Hyperformula does not work with arrays

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I’m comparing handsontable with excel according to my client requests and I found a feature that I would like it to be implemented some day, if possible.

Here’s a link with a sample:

In cells from A1 to B3, there are some strings.
In cells from C1 to C3, there are some uses of LEN function (=LEN(A1); =LEN(A1:B1) and =LEN(A1:B2)), it shows an error -> In excel it output in multiple cells, but to be easier in my custom code in old formulas plugin I output a array stringified (Just an idea)
In cell A4, there are a SUM with LEN inside (=SUM(LEN(A1:B2))), it shows an error -> In excel it output the sum of the lenghts.

Is there any future plan to implement it? Not only for SUM, but other functions like MIN and MAX.

Hi @nathalia.pissuti
Thank you for reporting this issue. I see it touches HyperFormula and its support for spill-functions. We will look closer at this functionality, but our implementation of the LEN function doesn’t support spilling functionality. If you would like to suggest any improvement suggestion, you can do that on HyperFormula’s discussions on GitHub.
I want to mention that support for HyperFormula and its integration is a separate service. Please reach out to our sales team at sales@handsontable.com to ask about available consulting services.

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