Hyperformula license key is missing

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I am using Handsontable with the new Hyperformula plugin.
As far as I know, with the Handsontable license I am also allowed to use Hyperformula.
So I created a Handsontable with an existing Hyperformula instance, as described in some of your docs/tutorials.
So at first I am using Hyperformula.buildEmpty() to make an Hyperformula instance. One line later I put this instance in the Handsontable settings.
With the call of Hyperformula.buildEmpty() I retrieve the console log “The license key for HyperFormula is missing”, which is clear for me, because at this point, when I construct an HyperFormula instance, there is no indication of a license:

So my question is if I can I ignore this console log with good conscience?

Hi @harald.eib
At the moment, you can ignore that warning. We work on small adjustments in our integration. I suppose one of the next releases will solve that issue. However, we do not have any ETA for that case now.

Additionally, I mentioned this thread under HyperFormula-related epic issue on GH: https://github.com/handsontable/handsontable/issues/8511