I want to export CSV file without HTML

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I want to export grid data. Some columns have html in it. so when its downloaded it shows the HTML over there. So i want to export their data rather than html content. Also getting error while exporting.
Please check below link:-

Hey @shinoyjose009

the exported data is raw - it means that all the styles, formatting and renderers are gone. The .CSV file format doesn’t support cell meta.

thanks for the quick reply. I used a different way to achieve this.

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I have same issue, Any solutions for this?

As mentioned above .CSV exports RAW data. To check what you will export you can call instance.getSourceData() method.
As a workaround, you can use setDataAtCell to replace the HTML values with the text once the EXPORT is processed.

Yes you can do like shown below:-

columns:[ data: 'currency',renderer: this.statusRenderer]

statusRenderer(instance, td, row, col, prop, value, cellProperties) {
Handsontable.renderers.HtmlRenderer.apply(this, arguments);    
td.innerHTML = '<a href="">' + value + '</a>'    
return td;}

You have to add html as shown above in statusRenderer then only you can export without the HTML.
Hope this help.

:medal_military: thank you for feedback

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I see. That is very clear explanation. Thank you!

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