Is it possible customize options order in filter menu?

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Is it possible re-order the options order in the screenshot above?

I cannot find any configurtion help me to customize the order, also the order generate algorithm is fixed according to the souce code.

If the configuration is not available right now, I rise a pull request for implement this functionality by add a new hook. Please help me to review it. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing that pull request, @juststayinvegas
It seems that for a review, we only need to have a proper branch set up (develop instead of master).

I will then ask my colleague to review the pull request. The alteration of the filter list has been requested before, so it would be a since feature to have.

Sorry about that, I have change the pull request branch to develop

Thank you. I have marked the pull request as Ready for review and asked my colleague to take a look at it.