Is partial rendering possible?

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Hi all,

It appears that when I alter row 5, column 2 in the background, if I’m typing in row 1, column 5 my editor gets closed/reset - I assume because the whole table got rerendered after the row 5, column 2 change.

Is that your understanding and is it possible to only re-render affect cells so that I don’t lose my editor?

I’ve used this as an example but I’m actually using .getActiveEditor to delay background changes whilst someone is typing. The problem with this is that changes gather! If someone leaves an editor open I might have hundreds or thousands of changes backlogging on setTimeouts. So i’m wondering if there’s a way to actually apply changes whilst keeping an editor open and usable for the user?

Hi @HC289

We are planning to add an ability to partially render cells, but this hasn’t been finished yet. Maybe you can try to

  1. save the editor value
  2. re-render the table to change the background
  3. open editor again
  4. place the saved value into the editor

Thanks Aleksandra, great idea.

Do you have a coarse estimate on partial rendering? e.g. Q2/Q3?

Now we’re doing modularization (nearly finished). Then we will work on the new documentation and code snippets. I guess that the performance task is the one that comes after them. But this part of the Roadmap is not yet confirmed.

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