Is there a way to add my own custom formulas to HoT?

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I see this is the full list of formulas supported by HoT

I need some more formulas (FV, PV and some more custom). Is there a way to customize the formula plugin and add my own?

Hi @anabayan

That is a list for RuleJS (we do not continue to update this project). In the meanwhile we have created a formula-parser solution and a list for the formula-parser (used in Handsontable PRO) is here The FV and PV are on that list.


Thank You.
Is there any way I can add a custom formula to formula-parser?


Woah, just tested FV, it works (except I had to use 0.05, instead of 5% like we do in Excel).
HoT rocks :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help

I’m so happy to hear that it works as the formula plugin is still in Alpha version so some things may not work. Please test it twice before you push it on the production.


Do you have any info on the timeline for the formula plugin to go to beta and to production?

This project is really time-consuming as it relates an external funding and programming outsourcing so the deadline is placed for the end of 2019.