Is there a way to get Action icon similiar to Date field dropdown arrow?

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I’ve tried to use the internal “date” field type, but am running into a number of issues in forumatting. I am using react in my code.

I’ve decided I can just create a custom renderer / editor, but one thing I haven’t seen how to do is get the action icon when on a given cell? For example, when using the standard “Date” field…when the cells render, they show the chevron down arrow and with a single click, this brings up the calendar.


If I am using custom renderer/editor, in, how do I get to show that same chevron icon and with a single click, it brings up the custom editor???

Right now, I can’t seem to show any icon/chevron and it order to edit, you double click on the cell. Is it possible to have it bring up custom editor with single click, and to show this chevron icon to indicate that’s how to bring up editor?


Hey @mhennessy7

You can use the DateRenderer as your base but then to get the calendar you need to enable the date editor.

Thanks, quick question. I’m using React Custom Renderer. Could you show how to implement that DataRenderer in your sandbox example found here?

Basically, have it show the drop down chevron and when clicked, brings up the color picker?
That would help a lot…

Hey @mhennessy7

DataRender in React could be achieved this way -

When it comes to the color picker we use in our demo react-color, you could check their API - and try different options.