Is there any way to not show "no options available" if there are no options for a particular column

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I have hidden all the options for the first column of my table. But defaultly it is showing “no options available”. I dont even want to show that “no options available” on right click of the cell. Please provide me a solution for this.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @akhil.arya66

Without a demo, can be hard to find a solution.

May I send to you simple demo -
And you based on it extend to better reflect your needs and your issue.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi @piotr.nowak

When there are no options to show for a particular cell, then defaultly it is showing “no available options”. I don’t want to show anything by doing right click when all the options for particular cell is hidden.

Simply, user should see no options when rightclicked on a cell to which contextmenu options are disabled.

I see that No options available is your custom configuration.

Could you show your contextMenu options?
As I said above, with a working demo it would be easier to find a solution.

Nevertheless, if I well understand your needs you could use beforeOnCellContextMenu - or beforeContextMenuShow - - to block showing context menu.

Hi @piotr.nowak

No options available is not my custom configuration. I am uploading the screenshot where I have made changes in the jsfiddle source code(The source code provided by you). Even here also I have hidden the context menu options for the first row and as as a result I am seeing the same “No options available”.

If I right-click to the first cell I have that context menu:

Can you show your implementation?

Hi @akhil.arya66

do we have any updates here?

As there are no updates till the 15th of June I guess that we can close this topic.