Issue: Interoperability problems using zoom/system UI scaling and some core features

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We are VERY interested in seeing this issue corrected.
Our integration of handsontable is wrapped in an electron container for windows.
On Windows 10 the default system UI zoom is set to 150%. So if our user just launches our app without any other action, he gets the aforementioned alignment problem.
Also it is not easy to explain to our customer that he has to switch back and forth between zoom settings only to use our application.

Do you have any new information and maybe a correction date/roadmap for this issue ?

Thank you for your time

Hi @renaud.bellotto

This is our current scope of work for another release -

Additionally, we are working on a new formula plugin based on the calculations engine that we’ve built.

However, of the list linked in your post lacks any scenarios that your users are experimenting please let me know. We should then add them.

I’m closing this issue as there is no feedback for nearly a month.
If you still need any guidance, please create a new ticket or message me at