Issue with fragmentSelection on IE

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Issue with fragmentSelection. It works on chrome, but not on Internet Explorer. What’s solution for that issue? Is it bug in handsontable?

Thank you for sharing. I will check that out and let you know my thoughts.

I have tried those settings

let box = document.querySelector('.example');
    let hot = new Handsontable(box, {
      data: [[1,"example",6],[4,1,5]],
      colHeaders: true,
      fragmentSelection: true

on my local app and it works the same on Chrome, Edge and IE. You’re able to select a part of the text but the selection does not remain,

You can try with readOnly, becouse with those settings doesn’t works on IE.

I think that it might be related to the device.

It works with `readOnly: true’ as well.

I’ve tested it on Windows 10 Home, v.1803

Can you share your OS information and record the bug?

I guess that it’s solved or doesn’t occur any more as there’s no response.