Keep table view the same after table reload

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I’m doing an ajax reload/re-render on my handsontable, and I want to keep the table viewport the same. Right now it scrolls the active cell all the way to the bottom right corner.

I tried calling scrollViewportTo() AFTER my re-render. It will scroll to the specified cell (a few cells below the selected cell, to keep the selected cell more centered on page), but immediately scrolls back to the selected cell.

What is a good way to keep the viewport the same (or relatively the same) after an ajax reload?


Hi @clementine

I’m afraid that without a demo it will be hard to help.
Can you share a JS playround demo (JSFiddle, CodePen, StackBlitz) or a .zip?

There are more than 2 weeks without any demo or a comment. I’m closing this topic.