Keyboard tab key doesn't enter into handsontable

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Hi @aleksandra_budnik,

I have a web page with a few buttons, input boxes, and simple handsontable.

when I hit tab key the control goes around all the buttons and input boxes but its control doesn’t enter the handsontable.

similarly, if I use the mouse to click on handsontable and then hit the tab key then control remains in the hot table and it won’t come outside in the page. vice versa.

Question: Is there any workaround for this so the control goes all over the page and also into handsontable?


Hey @rafi.rob231

we had some issues reported about the focus being kept by Handsontable but here’s the opposite situation. But, you’re right - the focus skips Handsontable. I’ve tested it on Chrome 75/ Mac Mojave with this demo
I guess that it works that way cause Handsontable is wrapped in a DIV element and as we can see here SPANs and DIVs are omitted.

What I can propose as a workaround is to track TAB key via keyDown event on the last focusable element and use instance.selectCell(0,0) once the event is triggered.