Lots of console errors in codesandbox

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So I have been trying out how the Handsontable library works before trying to implement it in any of my personal projects however in the sandbox I’ve used the Hot library Im getting tons of errors (even though it works kind of alright).
Here is the sandbox:

And the errors im getting are similar in nature, for example:

[Vue warn]: Invalid default value for prop "afterDropdownMenuExecute": Props with type Object/Array must use a factory function to return the default value.

Im not sure if this is something that only happens in the codesandbox or did I do something wrongly, or will it also appear in my project. I would like to avoid having so many console errors, so I am looking for help with this issue, thanks!.

Thank you for sharing the demo @atrinh

I will review it and come back to you shortly.

Hi @atrinh

firstly I removed all the settings within Handsontable instance. But got the same amount of warning. Checking dependencies one by one I figured out there was a mismatch of versions between them. Here https://codesandbox.io/s/charming-mclaren-101jb is an updated list of dependencies versions. Please compare those with the list in your project.

Hi @atrinh

I just wanted to confirm if you were able to run the project smoothly on your local machine.

I’m closing this topic as there are no further updates.

If you need any further guidance please feel free to open a new thread.