Multiple Tables with Custom Editors

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Sorry in advance if this issues is on the forum any where. We have an issue regarding multiple custom editors across multiple tables.

I think its the same issue as pointed out here

We’re currently on a fairly old version of handsontable, version 8.4.0 to be exact, we’re working on upgrading, However I believe this issue, is still an issue on newer versions.

Kindly somebody has already create a recreation of this here

The issue also persists even if only only of the instance has a custom editor.

This is becoming a blocking issue for us now in multiple uses cases. I was wondering if any work around or plan it in place to fix this in the near future.

Hi @james.dale

Thank you for contacting us. This is complicated issue. As one of our users describe in the GH report you linked the problem lies deep within our React wrapper, and there not known workarounds for this.

Currently we are focusing on other topics and this issue isn’t currently on our roadmap, but I will notify our PM that this is something that we should consider.