Navigating back distorts handsontable UI and adds multiple horizontal scroll bars

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Hi there, I am using hansdontable in my project, when I land on page where handsontable is used to show data, it works fine. If I reloads page it works fine. UI works fine.
But if I move to other page and navigates back to this page UI of handsontable distorts. Rows are mis-aligned, multiple horizontal scroll bars added. Columns are replicated and I am unable to click on these newly added columns
Here’s link to video for reference, thanks

Hi @muhammad.umair

It’s hard to say without some additional information at least.

Could you tell something more about the structure of your project?
What type of dependencies do you use?
Could you attach your handsontable settings object?

I understand that you couldn’t share a demo where the issue is replicable.

Hi @muhammad.umair

Piotr had some questions to help you solve the case. It will be hard for us to propose anything without that piece of information.

I guess that we can close the issue as there is no update for a while.

If you’d have any other questions please send me an email to