Need to clear dynamically created column filters on button click

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In our application, we are using custom column filters which is taken from this link

But we found that the typed filter input value is not getting cleared on doing CRUD operations. We had to manually clear the values.

So i tried to capture the typed input value in the filter box and clear it out. But, i am unable to get the value which we type in. I have created a jsfiddle code with clear button.

Is there a workaround to clear the typed in filter values on the clear button click?

Please find the demo code here,


Hi @kvengadachalam

Indeed there is some issue regarding selecting the input element value. I tried all of the possible selectors and method and nothing works. I’ll have to investigate that deeper. I’ll get back to you after the weekend.

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Thanks Adrian. We look forward for your views on this issue.

Hi @kvengadachalam

I have good news. I manage to solve this issue. However, it seems that getting the input element is impossible for some reason, I have to put the logic inside the afterGetColHeader method. To do that I moved the logic of your addInput function inside that method. I also added the logic for resetting the filtering when you clear the input values. I hope that this solution will work for you:

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Thank you Adrian. This is great. We will try this out in our application.