Nested Rows Getting All Data

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In previous versions of handsontable (8.4.0) we could access several method on the handsontable instance in particular methods in the data manager such as:


We have since updated to the latest version (12.3.2)… well I guess the latest is 12.3.3. We can’t seem to access these any more.

Is there away to get this data still?

Cheers, James

Hi James,

Those methods were never a part of the official API, but by logging the results in this demo I think that

getPlugin('nestedRows') should be the same as getSettings().data, and hot.getPlugin('nestedRows').dataManager.cache.rows gives us the same result as getSourceData(). Here’s a demo with v12.3.x

Would that meet your requirements?

I believe that the topic can be closed as there have been no updates for more than a month.

If there’s anything you need please feel free to open a new ticket.