NestedHeader does not show up

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Hi, I use the Angular Wrapper of the library. Everythings works fine but the property nestedHeaders does not show any header on my UI (the rest is working fine).

Would you have any idea on how to solve the issue ?


I’m using those versions.

@handsontable/angular”: "“9.0.1"”
“handsontable”: “5.0.3”,

Thanks for your help.

Hi @arnaud.juin,
The NestedHeaders plugin was in the handsontable-pro package. In v7, we merged handsontable-pro (commercial) into handsontable (CE) - read more about that merge in our release notes.

“handsontable”: “5.0.3”, points to the old community edition - there was no NestedHeaders plugin.
If you would like to use that plugin, you should consider buying Handsontable. You can reach our sales team at or buy directly on our website