New to handsontables, just a few quick questions

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Hi, I’ve just trying to figure out if Handsontable is the right choice for my requirements.

So far, I’ve been able to render a table in my view. I’ve also need to lookup a value (from the 1st column [which is an id]), and populate the row when it finds that record.

Then I just need to update and save that table (afte each row or completed table).


Hi @merlin2049er

Thank you for contacting us. I’m glad that you are considering Handsontable. About your questions. In order to update just the data you can use one of the methods mentioned here:

If you need to also update the settings of the table, then you can use updateSettings method.

I am not sure what you exactly mean by saving the table, but if you want to export it you can do this by following this guide: (currently CSV is the only available format)