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I’m getting this error when clicking on a cell (not drop-down icon) having drop-down menu option

I’m using handsontable 11.0.0 version at my workplace. What would be the root cause of this issue and what can be the solution( I cannot change the version as it;s getting used at workplace and would take a lot of efforts to support new version with current functionality)
Let me know if you need more details

Hi @ayeole

Thank you for contacting us. I have a few questions:

  • Can you tell me if you are getting the data from backend?
  • Do you modify the data in any way before displaying them?
  • Was this problem present before or occur after some changes in the code?


  1. I do get the data for the table from backend but the problem is only with the cell having a drop-down option and drill-down icon.
  2. Yes the data is processed before displaying (though this works fine in other cases so shouldn’t be an issue)
  3. Recently we added drop-down feature to cell where we used to drill-down and change table data

Hi @ayeole

Thank you. Would it be possible to you to create a code demo showing your configuration of the dropdown menu? It seems to be customized and this where the problem might be.

Hi @ayeole

As we lack a demo for more than a month I need to close the thread,

Please feel free to contact us at when the demo’s ready.