Ngx-loading issue after upgrading handsontable from 6.2.2

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I have a problem, any help would be appreciated.

I was using NGX-loading with handsontable 6.22 this works!!

NGX-loading is a screen overlay you can set loading to true or false depending if you want it to overlay a loading screen.

When i upgrade to handsontable 7.2.1 ngx-loading stops working/closing after being set to false, unless you click the mouse then it closes.

This is after the code tries to reload the screen using ngAfterViewInit() in angular ts.

The only way I can fix this is by reverting back to handsontables 6.2.2.

I am unable to show the code for various reasons.

Hey Ben,

can you zip it and send it over? What issues are noticable with 7+? Does the table load, any console errors, misalignments?

Changed the the library ngx-loading to ngx-spinner, and the problem went away. Thank you.

Thank you for a quick update. I’m closing the topic.