No Automatic Position of "date" and "handsontable in handsontable"-Selector

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I have a parent handsontable grid, in which date and also various handonstable in handtable (Cell-Types) are used. As soon as I reach the bottom of the parent handsontable and open either the date (pikaday) or the handsontable in handsontable its gets cutted. Normally I would expect, that the position gets from bottom to top, so the editor window is fully visible.

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Thank you very much!

Hi @lunesis

As you can see in this demo - - admittedly calendar isn’t visible, but after the scroll is accessible.

Can you show your implementation?

Okey, noted… but on the Handsontable in Handsontable i have still the same issue.

For e.g… if I have reached the bottom item of the parent Handsongrid and if I click the Editor, it opens but its hidden behind the div.

Is it possible to increase the z-index of the handsontable in handsontable so it gets in the front, or ideally switches the position to top ? So it will be shown 100% ?

It extends the total height of the div so I can scroll down, as seen in the picture attached, but I have now I have 2 horizontal scrollbars…

Thank you very much!

As I said above without a demo is hard to find a solution.

Could you attach a demo where we can reproduce the issue?

I will try. Its very difficult, as this is part of a big software package. I need to pick it out.
Let me try.

Ok. I’ll be waiting for your demo.

Is it possible to change the position of the handsontable in handsontable-editor?
Right now, its always “bottom”… i would like to change it to top… same to Pikaday.

No, unfortunately, it impossible.