Not select all columns by clicking on header cell

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Hello there. There is some way to not select all columns? Or maybe colorize only column under the header and rest columns keep in #FFFFFF color?

issue example:

Hi @eildos95

if you do want to keep the cell selection like this and keep headers #fff in and after the selection you can add another CSS condition like this (if I understand the requirements correctly).

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Thanks a lot for the reply! Your answer is useful, but i would want when i select header the under column set up red and rest columns #fff. Or maybe it’s possible to disable header cells on click? That header cells shown, but not be clickable?


Yes, there is a method called disableVisualSelection and with a value 'header' you turn off the selection of headers. But it also removes the CSS applied in your demo. I will test it out and get back to you after the weekend.

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Thanks. At this moment i found solution to use selectionMode =" single", which allows click on header, but select only first row. Have a good weekend!

So single it is. Thank you for the update @eildos95

If you would need anything feel free to open a new thread.