Open Cell Dropdown Programatically

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I’m having issue with opening “Cell Dropdown” programatically.

In cell I’ve added edit button when user click on it I will change cell type from text -> dropdown and load data in dropdown dynamically (This part is already working fine)

Now I want to auto open dropdown cell when user click on that edit icon.

Hi @vdivetia

Can you please share some simplified code demo of your issue? That would be easier propose a solution.

Hi adrian,

Thank you for you reply.

Here is the fiddle you have requested:

I want to achieve following when user click on edit button in 1st row in last cell it will open dropdown menu (don’t want to double click in it again to open dropdown) and clear existing value and apply placeholder in it.

Like below image

Hi @vdivetia

Thank you for the demo. I think that might be a good solution for you. As you can see what is done here is basically changing the default dropdown arrow icon to a custom one declared in CSS. It’s pretty straightforward also.

Hi @adrian.szymanski,

I want same behaviour in

I’m switching column type “Text” -> “dropdown” and once value selected in dropdown switch back again to “text” type.

I’m updating this types on fly
on “afterOnCellMouseDown” (Used to change type from text -> dropdown when useer click on edit icon)
on “afterChange” (Used to change type from dropdown to text when user select value in dropdown)

Problem in my case is that I will click on edit icon in text type column.
When clicking on edit I will first convert that text field into dropdown and then want to open dorpdown menu without performing another click.

Hi @vdivetia

That would require more custom work from our side so I would need to ask you for your current support plan and license key. You can send me information about your license at

Hi @adrian.szymanski,

Unfortunately I don’t have key yet currently as I’m testing various functionality.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @vdivetia

Here’s Aleksandra. I help new Clients to specify if Handsontable is a good fit for them. What do you say for a 30min call to discuss the implementation details? It should be enough to determine how much work is needed to accomplish your goal.

If you’re interested send me a message at