Operation of commercial license key

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We are planning to embed a commercial license key when instantiating (“new Handontable({licenseKey: xxx})”), in which case users can read the license key by running “View Source” in their browser.

As a result, the license key may be used on an unintended site, but is this to be treated as unavoidable?
(*This is when it is difficult to provide a mechanism to hide the license key.)

Hi @gt1002983

If someone tries to steal a license key it is their concern. They can use our code, but they are dependent on the actual client’s choice to renew the product, and they won’t receive any professional support.

There is a security measure you can take though. I highly recommend using this obfuscator tool (https://javascriptobfuscator.com/Javascript-Obfuscator.aspx) to replace your license key with an encrypted snippet. While looking for the license key, a thief will not see its actual characters. They will see something that only a browser can read.

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