Pagination is messing up my update in the grid

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I have a grid with Infinite scrolling and i’ve recently implemented pagination and I’m running into following issue with pagination.
Everything works well on the first page while updating any cells. But if i’m making changes on any other page the changes are only reflecting on the first Page. My current problem is while getting the coordinates of the cell using handsontable reference instance. i only get the up to my max number of rows. For example if my max number of rows is 500, and i am on the 500th row my coordinates(changes) are [0,500,0500]. When i change something on the second page row 1000, the changes are only happening on the 500th row as my coordinates(changes) are still [0,500,0500] my position of the cell is limited to the number of rows on my screen. I don’t have this problem with infinite scrolling as I seem to get the right coordinates.

Hi @prabhatjthapa

It would be the best if you could share your code with us, as pagination isn’t natively supported by Handsontable and each implementation may vary.

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