Paste Option in Context Menu

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can implement paste functionality in context menu?

Hi @omkar.shirke

We don’t support such functionality out of the box, as modern browsers doesn’t allow to store copied content in clipboard. However, we have a workaround for that but it’s not functioning fully and it should be treated more as a possible solution and not finished implementation.

Thank you @adrian.szymanski, I implement paste functionality but while Copy-paste a column creates extra row, did you know about this?

Hi @omkar.shirke

My colleague has a short break and will return on Monday, so I want to join the conversation.

Can you tell me which steps do you take to get the extra row? I tried @adrian.szymanski, and copied, single cells, rows, and columns and did not get the extra row. I’ve tested it on Chrome 111 / macOS Ventura.

Hello @aleksandra_budnik in this implementation also happen
step to reproduce issue

  1. copy particular cell value by context menu
  2. paste on particular cell by context menu

It seems that using pop() on the array of changes within beforePaste solves the issue of a single cell and ranges of cells. Demo
Would it meet your requirements?

Hi @omkar.shirke

I hope that the lack of answers means that the solution meets your requirements and there are no blocks in the development.

If you need any help with this or other tasks, please feel free to create a new topic.