Performance Due to DOM tree manipulation

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Hi Team ,
I was able to integrate handsontable with my project. Changes are working perfectly and happy to have such functionality.

My query is on performance ,
We use angular framework for our front end. Correct me if i am wrong Since we manipulate the DOM tree to assign the handsome table . Will it not impact performance ? They suggest that changing the DOm tree is good practise

Sample Code
var container = document.getElementById(‘XLsheet’);
var hot = new Handsontable(container, {
data: data,
rowHeaders: true,
colHeaders: true,
filters: true,
dropdownMenu: true

Hey @naveenmalangi86

how big is the data? You may try those tips to speed up the performance.

@aleksandra_budnik Data can grow upto 99 rows * 12 column

Handsontable is able to load thousands of cells. You should not get any performance issues with 100 rows and a couple of settings enabled. As you can see here the Angular example loads in a split of a second with 1000 rows and 1000 columns.

You can try to create a timer that checks when Handsontable loads or just run the performance tab in Chrome.